Monday, December 6, 2010

Art Trades

Drew this as a new ID for my sites, features myself and a few Zerglings and a Corruptor from Starcraft II
This was an Art Trade with a friend on Deviantart called Poopapotamus. Shes very talented and the picture she did for me is awesome lol. Anatomy on giant shark dragon bear monsters is hard.
Another artist on Deviantart called xBrokensoul45 that I met from Neopets. She hasn't finished her half yet. She gave me a list of what she was suppose to look like so no ref. This was kind of boring to do honestly, I hate getting asked to do a character and they don't show their personality at all. MAN.
An art trade with an artist from Fur Affinity (I don't even know why I go there lol) called Sin. A rough sketch that I'm going to go over and make neat and see if I can change the style any.

Matt is also making me start a journal comic to pass the days until I move down so yeah totally check'em out. Click on'em to see FULL VIEW WHOA